Seek. Define. Drive. Dermalogica Welcomes Professional Skin Care “tribe” To Its “futurescape” Symposium In Los Angeles

Claire John – Houston Skin Care Examiner – Skin Care

“When our Tribe comes together as we did this week at our ‘Futurescape’ Symposium in Los Angeles, when more than 800 skin therapists, skin center and salon owners who carry and use Dermalogica gathered from around the world. When we come together in one place, it’s like plugging into the world’s largest battery. The energy this community produces is what makes Dermalogica so utterly original, unique, and powerful. It is our greatest asset!” The event’s three-pronged imperative–“Seek. Define. Drive.” – shaped the scintillating keynote address from Wurwand, who positioned the leadership of the professional skin therapist as central to the brand’s success. Experts from key areas of the organization presented further Symposium modules addressing fresh strategies for capturing and retaining market dominance, with an emphasis on the power of new media as well as traditional marketing.
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Skin Care Tips for Teens

Pat your skin dry again. The oil or lotion helps to lock in healing moisture, keeping skin supple and soft. 3. Oily Skin Care Oily skin is acne-prone skin with open pores, a shiny complexion, blackheads, and pimples. Because hormones affect oil production, anything that affects your hormone levels may influence your skin. Some experts believe that stress, such as from exams, may trigger outbreaks of acne.
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