You Need Guts To Be Happy No Matter What: The Importance Of A Healthy Digestive System For Enhanced Immunity

A recent scientific study in Nutrition in Clinical Practice shows that the micro organism or gut flora living in the human intestines form a network of natural controls that regulate mood, appetite, body weight, nutrient absorption, stress and immune response. No surprise then that the human digestive tract is home to 70 percent of the immune system. Simply put, our every-day food can help or harm our mind-body health. Another example that proves the brain-gut connection is when we think of food and the appetite is stimulated.
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Why keeping your digestive system healthy is critical

(Thinkstock Coach Jonathan Wong has a Doctorate of Science in Holistic Medicine and is the author of ” The Happy Body – Getting to the root of YOUR fitness, health and productivity”. He is also the founder and CEO of Genesis Gym Singapore ™, which aims to provide the best personal training and fitness services in Singapore. The views expressed below are his own. I recently wrote an article on ” 5 Awesome Things About Your Body ” and was pleasantly surprised to see how happy some readers were to find out that our bodies are truly special. If I were to add on to that article, the next “Awesome Thing” would probably be your digestive tract. It has incredibly difficult and important functions to perform.
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