Health insurance choices for young adults

Bill Clinton Enlisted By Obama to Promote U.S. Health Law

The cost of a HDHP is lower because the insured must first satisfy a high deductible, which for individuals ranges from $1,250 and up to $6,250, depending on the plan purchased in 2013. The big attraction is that the cost for the premiums with a high deductible HSA-qualified health insurance plan can be 50 percent less when compared to a conventional co-pay plan. When you are covered under a high deductible health insurance plan, you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket costs for routine doctor’s office visits or trips to the emergency room for minor ailments until you have reached the amount of the deductible. But some high deductible plans fully cover preventive services and programs, such as prenatal care, cancer screenings, and smoking cessation programs. In these plans, the deductible applies only to services that are not considered preventive. These options may cost less than paying extra to remain on your parents’ existing policy. But if you’re a young adult who has preexisting health issues that are best covered under a parent’s policy and you don’t have to pay extra to keep the coverage, then that may be the better option.
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Clinton, a two-term U.S. president who left office in 2001, will promote the Affordable Care Act in a Sept. 4 speech from his museum in Little Rock , Arkansas , according to a statement today from his philanthropic foundation. A White House aide, Dan Pfeiffer , welcomed Clintons help and quipped on Twitter that the former president is the Secretary of Explaining Stuff. Obama has called on the former presidents star power before, including during his 2012 re-election campaign. Clinton appeared at high-dollar fundraising events and in campaign ads that culminated in a rousing speech to the Democratic National Convention that helped to clarify Obamas economic policies and accomplishments for independent and undecided voters. He generally is very effective at what people call retail politics; talking about things as they directly affect peoples lives, Robert Blendon, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston , said in a telephone interview.
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UNC Health Care will manage western NC hospital for 25 years

The move reflects a changing health care landscape where hospitals are joining together for greater market strength. It not only gives the hospital system benefits in purchasing power, through economies of scale, but also in negotiating power with health insurance companies. The larger a health care system, the less likely a health insurer would want that system out of its network, which gives the hospital system stronger bargaining power when negotiating reimbursement rates. Original negotiations began in April of 2011, and both sides reached a deal not long thereafter. Then in April of this year, both sides wanted to extend the contract from 10 to 25 years, a move that was finalized today. Also, UNC Health Care now has greater involvement with clinical, business and financial operations.
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